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Equa Do Martial Arts

at Gurnee Martial Arts Academy

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Our Philosophy
Equa Do helps students develop confidence through constant learning and development

Traditional Taekwondo focuses on discipline, respect and self defense. Even though we teach traditional TKD, we relate our techniques to the modern day style of self defense. Students are taught all proper TKD kicks, blocks and strikes. As they progress, they go through instructorship training, learning how to teach and lead. Our future needs leaders - it is our goal to show students how to take charge of situations, find solutions to problems and be accountable for their actions. We never forget that a person never stop learning, no matter how long they train. Anyone can learn anything from anybody, whether it be a 7 year old learning TKD for the first time, or a 40 year old instructor who has been teaching for over 20 years.

Equa Do is affiliated with the Independent Tae Kwon Do Association and the International Combat Hapkido Federation
The following black belts also lead classes or assist with teaching.
Grand Master Eric Deveau
President/Founder of Equa Do Martial Arts
Founder and Head Master,
Kyun Do Kwan Tae Kwon do
IDSA Licensed Instructor
IDSA State Director, Illinois
ICHF Certified Combat Hapkido Instructor
IPDTI Licensed Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
8th Degree Grand Master Taekwondo

7th Degree Senior Master Combat Hapkido


Duane Caldwell
3rd Degree - Combat Hapkido
2nd Degree - Taekwondo
Certified Instructor
Julie Bell

3rd degree - Taekwondo 

Gary Brueggemann

1st Degree - Taekwondo
Sticks Instructor

Mike Callaghan
1st Degree - Combat Hapkido
Certified Instructor
Danny Kubicek
1st Degree - Combat Hapkido
Certified Instructor


Classes include students of all ages - 6 years old to adults in their 50's. Classes are structured according to skill, so everyone learns at their own pace and level.
What to expect
Equa Do is focused on developing and increasing students skills.
We encourage discipline and learning in a more relaxed environment than you might expect in a traditional Tae Kwon Do school.
We focus on perfecting techniques, mastering fight sequences, and applying to free sparring and fighting / self-defense.
Q: Do i need to buy a uniform, or do i get one on the first day?
A: We provide a uniform after you complete the first round of testing. At Equa Do, you test to get your white belt and uniform.
Q: How often is belt testing? Who can test?
A: About every 3 months, at the end of each session, is belt testing. Testing is optional, but encouraged, and permission to test is given based on "readiness" opinion of black belt instructors.
Q: If i need to miss a day of class, what are my options?
A: No problem, just show up for a different class. No need to let an instructor know, we know who you are... :-)