For Women

Martial Arts for Women

This class is exclusively for women, and is designed for and taught by women. This 4 class course covers the basics of prevention such as being aware of your surroundings,  and your personal space, and then moves on to self defense in particular situations such as at a bar, when being grabbed, and how to defend yourself even if thrown to the ground. Attention is also given to tools you can carry in your purse for self defense such as a munio.

Instructor: Julie Bell, 3rd degree black belt

4 Classes; Sample of Topics covered:

  • Cooper color code
  • Situational Awareness
  • Personal Space
  • Intro: What to do if grabbed
  • Common objects that can be used for self defense, the munio
  • Safety at a Bar
  • More: What to do if grabbed (from behind, with two hands, etc.)
  • Various Self Defense techniques
    (Samples below – defenses for: shoulder grabs, grabbed from behind/bear hug, knee grab, how to execute various strikes, how to execute an arm bar)


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