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Here at Equado we are  committed to developing martial arts skills for both adults and children, focusing on self-defense skills, confidence, self-improvement, and achievements — all in a fun and enjoyable environment.

Equado is an ideal school for children, adults, or joint parent-child classes, giving an opportunity for parents to join their children in great physical exercise program. More information about the curriculum and trying Equa Do can be found on the classes page.


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Due to Government recommendations for Covid-19 in place for athletic facilities,

we are following all recommended Covid-19 protocols to maintain a safe environment.


Two Weeks Free!

There’s no risk to try us out. Your first two weeks are free.


All Classes, All disciplines  $75
For the first month
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Martial Arts for Women

A class for women taught by women. Based on the TRU system, you’ll learn not only how to defend yourself, but awareness and safety measures to to prevent an attack.

More about self defense for women here

Classes for Kids

Children need lots of activity to use all the energy they have and grow up healthy and strong. But learning a martial art is much more than that. It also starts a child on a lifelong path of enjoying physical activity in a positive atmosphere.

More about classes here

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