Equa Do  - Promotion List - December 2013
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Equa Do Martial Arts

at Gurnee Martial Arts Academy


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Equa Do Martial Arts
Promotions December 2013

List of those promoted:





New Rank

Arjun Shah High Yellow Belt
Isai Matveyev High Yellow Belt
Joshua Westphal High Yellow Belt
Justaine Palisbo High Yellow Belt

Mary Petersen

High Yellow Belt

Prithika Karthikegan Blue Belt

Brandon Fleisher

Blue Belt

James Forbis Red/Black Belt
Jack Foster Red/Black Belt
Erika Roemisch Red/Black Belt
Frank Roemisch Red/Black Belt



Combat Hapkido


New Rank




Little Dragons


New Rank

Jackson Hurd Yellow Stripe
Joshua Kinlow Yellow Stripe
Maddie Beardman Yellow Stripe
Shivanesh Dwibedy Orange Stripe
Bear Ferrari Purple Stripe
Cassandra Rodriguez Purple Stripe
Harley Hoselton Purple Stripe
Connor Stamer Blue Stripe
Michael Salenga Blue Stripe
Lincoln Repel Red Stripe


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